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Snake print

Hi there! Welcome back to my blog!  

Hope you are doing well and this 2019 is treating you good so far!

As you could see in one of my previous posts I have designed a baby pink abaya and it was one of my favorites. However, it ended up in Los Angeles and I hope the girl is happily wearing it xoxo 

My mind is constantly preoccupied with designs, fabrics, fashion, new ideas and here is one of the newest outcomes I came with. 


You can definitely tell I was inspired by the trendy snake print to create this kaftan to go along with the latest fashion. I was happy finding these to fabrics with colors matching so well. What do you think?


They say details are everything, and I definitely agree. 

Nackles with letter M is from Topshop and its replica of Celine alphabet necklaces. It’s Celine’s last season collection and it’s not retailing anymore, so I was happy to at least find this one.  

Well, you snooze you loose.  


In the background you can see the beautiful Sheik Zayed Mosque, where I took the previous pictures. 

This time I chose the Shangri-La hotel and its beach to take this photos because I’m in love with this view and the traditional Arabian style set up they have. If you are in Abu Dhabi make sure to visit both. 


About the dress code in UAE, lots have changed and you can wear anything what you usually wear at home, no matter where you are coming from.  

I wear kaftans sometimes because I love the feeling of how the light fabric moves around my body and how it flutters in the wind. 


Hope you like it and if there is anything you wanna share with me feel free to contact me.  

Hugs & kisses 


Cargo pants

Cargo pants

Saved by the dress - Milena Bojic

Saved by the dress - Milena Bojic