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My (true) colors

My (true) colors

Hey guys how are you today?

This morning while sipping my coffee (because I'm such a coffee lover), I was going through my old pictures looking for something and this is what I've found. These are my favorite photos from 2017. and it's a shame not to post them. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen some of them, but here are the rest. What I love the most about this photos, are the colors. Blue sky, white mosque and my clothes in pinkish tones, I find it a great match, and such a pleasure for the eyes.


The inspiration for these photos came from IG influences in fashion and traveling,  you have maybe seen them already. I like checking out IG accounts of my favorite bloggers and seeing where are they at the moment. I've noticed many of them are visiting the same places sometimes even at the same time, like Fashion Weeks of course. The places are like fashion trends.

There were times, when I opened my IG feed and everyone was on the elephant in Sri Lanka, or in Santorini, next to Eiffel Tower, some famous cupcake shop, or in the supermarket... and the list goes on and on. For a moment it seems like they are copying each other, but I find it very cool. The whole IG community with some common interests are having the same pic in a slightly different way. I'm also curious, where next to?

Soo, as the stewardess, when the time comes to request the upcoming flights, I'm like "where are the bloggers at the moment? Let's go there" hahah :) yes, it works like that!


About the look

When you are visiting the mosque, if your body is not covered, they will give you the dress to wear during the visit. Since I leave in Abu Dhabi and every time I have someone visiting me, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is definitely the place I take them to see. So I designed my own dress / cover / kaftan , call it as you wish :) UAE girls national dress is black, but I wanted to have something what's gonna "look more like me". And here it is, what do you think?

My last six months (or more) favorite lipstick is Sephora 13, I literally wear it all the time. Even for work! It's very long-lasting. Well, how long does it last? As a flight from Abu Dhabi to Sydney :))

Two piece sets!

Two piece sets!