All in hong kong

Different view of HK

Sometimes, I visit a city and all I want is to walk around. No sightseeing, no maps, and stress if I saw every possible attraction of the city or not. Sometimes, I pretend as I live there, I wake up, get ready and as what I would do at home, I do the same. Find a nice coffee shop, walk around the shops, stop for lunch, etc. Today, I'm back to Hong Kong.

Disneyland HK

Hi everyone from Disneyland!

Do you like Disney cartoons? Because I do, just don't have my favorite. Since my name is Mina I was always the fan of Minnie Mouse. Did you know her full name is Minerva Minnie Mouse?

Cao iz Disneyland-a!

Da li volite Diznijeve crtace? Ja ih volim ali nemam omiljeni i posto se zovem Mina, nekako sam se uvek vezivala za Minnie Mouse. Da li znate da je njeno pravo ime Minerva?

One day in Hong Kong

Hey guys I arrived in Hong Kong and all of the plans are about to change. I just found out from the receptionist the typhoon is coming and it doesn't make me happy. I have plans here, you know! Soooo... What we gonna do?