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Different view of HK

Sometimes, I visit a city and all I want is to walk around. No sightseeing, no maps, and stress if I saw every possible attraction of the city or not. Sometimes, I pretend as I live there, I wake up, get ready and as what I would do at home, I do the same. Find a nice coffee shop, walk around the shops, stop for lunch, etc. Today, I'm back to Hong Kong.

Paradise in Maldives

 You know it's amazing day when you wake up in Maldives. 

People find their paradise in different things. But this is nature, happiness is in the air. The feelings you get come from the color of the sea, hot breeze and smells from exotic trees. A peaceful oasis, where I would spend all my time just laying on the white sand sunbathing. I like being lazy and enjoying the moment but there are water activities for the ones more active. Palm trees, cocktails, hot sun and sandy feet, what more could I ask for. This is ClubMed Kani resort with bungalows, pool, tennis court and restaurant. It's a vacation time, let the good time start!

Chengdu Downtown

Chengdu! Pande, masaža i poneki klub. Tražila sam na internetu kakvih još atrakcija tu ima ali nisam našla ništa posebno. Pa sam ja to shvatila kao da nema ništa. Neko mi rekao da idem do grada a ja sam se mislila kakav može biti centar. Otišla sam do konacno i kompletna slika o ovom gradu mi se izmenila. Više ne mislim da su u Chengdu-u samo pande.

For a long time I was thinking there is nothing else in Chengdu except pandas. Than I went to the downtown and completely changed my mind about this city. There is much more than pandas.

One Day in Singapore

One day in Singapore is not enough but I did my best to see around. Here is how I spent my day!

Jedan dan u Singapuru nije dovoljno ali sam se potrudila da ga maksimalno iskoristim. Pogledajte kako je tekao ovaj dan!

Disneyland HK

Hi everyone from Disneyland!

Do you like Disney cartoons? Because I do, just don't have my favorite. Since my name is Mina I was always the fan of Minnie Mouse. Did you know her full name is Minerva Minnie Mouse?

Cao iz Disneyland-a!

Da li volite Diznijeve crtace? Ja ih volim ali nemam omiljeni i posto se zovem Mina, nekako sam se uvek vezivala za Minnie Mouse. Da li znate da je njeno pravo ime Minerva?

One day in Hong Kong

Hey guys I arrived in Hong Kong and all of the plans are about to change. I just found out from the receptionist the typhoon is coming and it doesn't make me happy. I have plans here, you know! Soooo... What we gonna do?